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How To Understand The Causes Of Financial Crisis 0

The term “financial crisis” is thrown around in modern media like it is an everyday occurrence or fact of life. Everyone has a different idea of what a financial crisis exactly equates to. This has everything to do with the informal economic “class” a person belongs to, and how

How To Do A Spending Analysis 0

Analyzing how much money you are currently spending is the first step to take when making a budget. It is also an eye-opening experience because most people don’t realize how much money they really spend. Many experts suggest writing down everything you spend for a month and then analyzing

How To Protect Your Money 0

No matter what life experiences are handed to you, it is very important that you know how to protect your money. There are many types of situations that require us to know different money saving strategies and to utilize at least one of these methods. Whether it be divorce

Universal Is Killing It This Year Thanks To Minions, Dinosaurs And Fast Cars 0

On a long car ride yesterday, my mind drifted to the movies I’ve actually gone to the theater to see this year. I realized that more than half of them have been Universal films. Universal, which is owned by Comcast Comcast, has the largest share of the domestic box

Closing Cost Basics 0

What happens at closing? Statutory Costs and Taxes Third-Party Closing Costs Finance and Lender Charges What happens at closing? At the closing, ownership of the newly purchased home is officially transferred to you. It could involve you, the seller, the real estate agent, representatives from the title or escrow