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Refinance Home Mortgage With Bad Credit 0

It is quite a common situation when a person has a home mortgage and is struggling to pay it off, however it is too hard and one just manages to make the ends meet. Taking into consideration that the term of repayment can last up to 30 years one

Mortgage Loans For Doctors 0

We are strongly aware of the importance of having our private houses. Unfortunately, this possibility is available not for everybody. This issue is of extremely great importance for doctors as many of them are already in debts having taken bank loans for their studies. Many doctors with their families

Refinancing Up To 105% of your Mortgage 0

Practically everyone has refinanced or thought about it at one point in time. We’ve seen the dozens of commercials that urge us to do it. With rates at record lows over the past few years, refinancing has helped many borrowers lower their monthly payments. Refinancing your mortgage can be

How Recent Market Changes Can Affect You 0

As the Real Estate and financial markets continue to move up and down, mortgage rates can also be affected. Since mortgage rates are more closely tied to the bond markets, an up or down move in the stock market may not have the result in mortgage rates that one

Home Purchase Loan Tips 0

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, don’t wait until you find the perfect home to get prequalified! Make sure your credit is healthy and find out how much you can qualify for before you find the home of your dreams. This helps insure that you not